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A special place to stay...
The Long Beach Peninsula has been a vacation destination for families from the "big cities" of Oregon and Washington since the mid-1800's. Up on the North Peninsula, Oysterville was founded in 1854--and fast became a boomtown. One of the original Oysterville founders, Mr. I. A. Clark, decided he wanted a more tranquil environment and he helped form another community that came to be called "Ocean Park". By 1892 this new town had over 30 homes and cabins, plus a Methodist colony. Growth continued--with small stores and a hotel being added and in the 1920's and 30's,a number of motor camps could also be seen.

It was during this time that a family named Heckstrom built what was then called the "Seventh Avenue Court". This consisted of a number of small rental cabins on 7th Avenue--now 268th Place. Miss Lily's was one of the original cabins. Over time the Heckstrom's sold these properties. Fast forward to 1988--and the current owners ( Barbara & Mike) bought this special cabin for their family. In 1998 Barbara & Mike moved to the Peninsula full time--and settled in a larger, nearby family property. Miss Lily's Beach Cabin then became a vacation rental home--for new families to enjoy.
The country kitchen-partial view.
Sailor's Rest
Lv Area